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What It Takes To Be Elite

What does it take to be an elite athlete in your sport? What does it take to be the best?


At Hammer Strength Apparel we stress five different traits. These traits separate the good from the elite… they’re characteristics that allow an athlete to be extraordinary.


1) Elite Athletes Seek Challenges: Hammer Strength Apparel athletes don’t hide from a challenge, and they don’t back down from an opportunity. When their number is called, they rise to the occasion. Hammer Strength Apparel athletes take on intense physiological conditioning and they are rewarded for their dedication and hard work.


2) They Are Focused: Hammer Strength Apparel athletes share single-minded dedication to performing and achieving. When it’s time to load the plates on the bar and grind out repetition after repetition, set after set, their mind is fixated only on becoming the biggest, fastest, and strongest athlete they can be.


3) They Are Uncompromising: Elite athletes don’t make excuses. They face challenges head on and courageously, and are rewarded with outstanding results and the respect of teammates, coaches and classmates.


4) Elite Athletes Outperform: They aren’t okay with average. Hammer Strength Apparel athletes aspire to achieve great accomplishments. They outwork others in the weight room and on the field.


5) They Are Leaders: Embracing challenges results in personal achievement, and leadership by example. Hammer Strength Apparel athletes aren’t content to follow, they want to lead.


A Hammer Strength Apparel athlete is special, one who displays the qualities above day after day, workout after workout and game after game. Be an elite athlete, be Hammer Strength strong.


Joe LoGalbo

Hammer Strength Apparel