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Why We're Excited to Team Up With TCYFL

Why We’re Excited to Team Up With TCYFL


Youth football should be about a lot more than scoring touchdowns, making big plays or winning. The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) seems to understand this. The league, which is the largest independent youth football league in America and serves 38 communities around Chicago and in southern Wisconsin, stresses the development of sportsmanship, character, teamwork, leadership and football fundamentals. The TCYFL also has high standards for safety and concussion prevention, and is a part of USA Football’s Heads Up program, a national initiative to teach proper and safer tackling form. The league is led by Geoff Meyer, who has decades of coaching experience and is the current Chairman of USA Football’s National Football Commissioner’s Advisory Committee.


It’s clear that there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense for Hammer Strength Apparel to partner with the TCYFL.


We’re just getting started with our partnership with the league. We made a trip to the All-TCYFL East vs. West game in mid-July where we provided each of the 80 players in the game with a certificate for Hammer Strength Apparel. It’s our goal to keep these youth players cool and comfortable while they’re on the gridiron.


This season, we will select a “Player of the Week” based not only on game performance but also on character and sportsmanship. We plan to donate $5,000 in Hammer Strength Apparel to the TCYFL Cares Program, which provides sports equipment to underprivileged youth.


We’re delighted to team up with the TCYFL, a league that’s doing things right when it comes to promoting youth sports.  


Welcome to the Hammer Strength Apparel Blog

Welcome to the Hammer Strength Apparel blog, from DryWear, LLC., the official licensee of Hammer Strength Apparel

 We’re pleased to introduce our new blog, the place where you can find the latest information on Hammer Strength Apparel. In this blog, we plan to alert you to new products, exciting projects, special events and partnerships with area groups that are discovering the advantages of high-performance Hammer Strength Apparel. Please follow us, and visit often. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to send those our way as well. 

Hammer Strength Apparel features the best moisture management on the market today.  The apparel keeps wearers drier for longer, allowing them to compete at their peak level in comfort. We’ll use this blog to show exactly how athletes are using Hammer Strength Apparel to perform.