All I Want Is To Be #HammerStrengthStrong

Whether you are an elite athlete, weightlifter, or extreme sports enthusiast, there is one thing you cannot thrive in your sport without… can you guess what that one thing is?




I mean, think about it…


Elite athletes…How would you perform on the field, underneath the rim or skating on the ice without strength?


Weightlifters… How can you accomplish new personal records at your meets and have exceptional squat, deadlift and bench press totals without the ability to move maximal weight?


How about you extreme sports enthusiasts? Your activities consist of high levels of physical exertion. Each workout, each hike, each climb is a test… Could you see yourself properly performing the challenge at hand without strength?


I’m sure you’ve figured out all the answers yourself.


You would UNDER-perform against your competition and you would under-perform your expectations for yourself without this important feat.


Hammer Strength Athletes are about performance! How they perform in their individual or team sport means everything. When you are stronger than the lineman in front of you, stronger than the offender skating toward you, stronger than the 405 lb. loaded bar beneath you…you come out on top.


Now who’s all in favor for coming out on top?


It’s my pleasure to open up this forum to all athletes, weightlifters and extreme athletes to bring forth your questions about strength, speed, mindset…whatever it is that YOU NEED to become the best of the best.


If anything, simply follow along with me on this Hammer Strength Apparel blog and become better…


And remember,


Don’t just be strong, be #HammerStrengthStrong


Your Trainer,


Joe LoGalbo

Hammer Strength Apparel

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